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Volume 92: Bring Back Extreme Parenting

February 7, 2018


If you are a child of the 70s and 80s, you've probably experienced extreme parenting. Extreme parenting is the recognition that reason and judgement are secondary tools employed when raising children. Order, peace, and quiet are the first.

Volume 82: Five Traits Children Have In Common With Old People

August 15, 2014


Hello, good people! I’m going to say thank you for all of the virtual “Welcome back!” that I’m getting right now. I don’t want to waste too much time boring you with¬†where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. Just know that posting is something that I always want to do, and I would love […]

Volume 79: Patience or Punishment?

February 25, 2014


I realize that much of my parenting style comes from my experiences as a child - good or bad. And for those of us that had a parent who was, welllllllll, less-than-stellar, there is a tendency to swing the parental pendulum in the opposite direction, or unconsciously do exactly what they did.

Volume 78: Sell-ebrity: The Real Price of Fame

February 11, 2014


As a self-professed critical thinker I asked myself, "What would I do for fame?" What price am I willing to pay for a little notoriety because, in the 21st century, it pays.....well.

Volume 75: “Break Babies” are Bullisht!

January 21, 2014


In the wake of the Gabrielle Union, Dwayne Wade baby mama drama, a new term has been created: Break Baby. And, it didn’t stop with D. Wade and Gabby. Apparently, rapper/actor Chris “Ludacris” Bridges fathered a child with another woman while on a “break” from his long time girlfriend/fianc√©. Ok, can someone please tell me […]

Volume 73: 1718 Craven Street

April 30, 2013


On Friday, April 26, 2013 my maternal grandmother passed away. She was the last of my four grandparents to pass, and was the one that quietly played a more significant role than any of the others in my life as a child.

Volume 72: The Hypocrisy of Academics and Adolesence

January 30, 2013


I realized that the failure of high school education in urban and lower SES areas is the belief that expected behavior can be expressed verbally and our message will be received and processed. Why do we believe that? Why do we assume that appropriate behavior is something that we all should "know", and be able to produce instantly and perpetually? Appropriate behavior must be modeled throughout a child's life in order for them to be able to display it. Broken homes, inconsistent and nonexistant parenting, gangs and violence have all but eradicated a developing child's ability to process appropriate behavior.