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Volume 91: #My3Cents on Mo’Nique

January 29, 2018


Mo'Nique has forced us all to examine the #TimesUp movement with her battle with Netflix. However is her situation more about sexism or simple self-sabotage? Is it #TimesUp or does she need a #TimeOut?

Volume 70: The Truth About Competition

June 12, 2012


Graduation season is a time where we bask in the glow of the "American Dream". You know, the dream where we believe if we apply ourselves and finish school, our future(s) will/would be bright. The dream where we believe the rhetoric about how a more "competitive marketplace" helps us all. I believe there's a cliché suggesting a rising tide lifts all ships - or something to that effect. But, can (may) I ask a question? What if we don't really mean it when we say we want no child to be left behind? What if the aforementioned rhetoric about a "more competitive marketplace" is just like that juicy steak you eat while being plugged back into the matrix? What if, by continuing to read this post, you learn The Truth About Competition?

Volume 62: Are You An A-minus?

December 14, 2011


What’s up good people? My life is filling up more and more, but I’m still committed to posting to provide thought-provoking (and sometimes insightful) content. As you probably know, I’ve missed the mark recently; however, I have made some necessary adjustments in order to meet the demand for more Sillethoughts. So, with no further ado, let’s get started. Unless […]

Volume Four: The Top Money Scams That We All Fall For…

March 5, 2009


The blog reads better if you hit play on the YouTube link. It is not the video for the song, just the audio. This list is in no particular order… I tried to order them and it became too daunting a task. So, I’ve decided to ask you to order them from worst to first. Also, if you […]