Volume Sixteen: Achieving Greatness

Posted on 01/07/2010


I’m back good people. I know I promised a blog every other week, but it’s the holiday season so I should get a pass, right? Anyway, I was really struggling (more than normal) to write another posting. I was struggling to find the magic that made so many readers log on to read Volume Thirteen. In essence, I began to let my desire to have more readers drive my postings. The tail began to wag the dog, and that is never good. Nevertheless, I realized my error and decided to reach out to my readers for my latest topic. One of my frat brothers (shout out to Kendrick Willams) sent me an interesting suggestion; and, one that I think that we need to talk/think about as we continue to age – ummmmmm, mature. So, there’s the background info as we learn how to, and strive to, Achieve Greatness.

Concentration (or lack thereof):

Those things that we attend to, and put our energy towards (even negative things) are the realities that tend to manifest themselves. It has been called many things, e.g. self-fulfilling prophecy, karma, even destiny; but, at the end of the day, it is those things that we attend to are those things that grow – even negative things. Take a quick personal inventory. Think about periods in your life that have been marked by either great happiness or great disappointment. Where were you focusing your mental energies? In the productive times, you may have found it hard to sit and become complacent. Conversely, during the disappointing times, you may have found it hard to motivate yourself to try and change your condition. Consequently, things may have gotten worse.

Bottom line is that we have to utilize that power within us provided by the Creator to concentrate on the positive. Our concentration (or lack thereof) can help or hinder us from achieving the greatness that we all seek. We let daily distractions derail us from our personal and professional goals. In our personal lives, those distractions may come in the form of another person outside of our current relationship. Professionally, those distractions may be unhealthy relationships with coworkers or your boss. In each case, distractions serve as vehicals transforming our mental energy from positive to negative.


How many times have we let others block us from getting to where we want or need to be? We may do this by listening to the nay-sayers as we contemplate a career move. Or, we may do it by letting the negativity of coworkers creep into our work habits. Whatever the impetus, we cannot let other people cancel the blessings we have ordained for us. Cancellation is the way we allow things or other people to rob us of our power. That power is our ability channel the mental energy discussed in the first section. By maintaining the power we have over our thoughts and mental energy, we block the cancellation effects of others.

For example, you get up for work one day, get a ticket driving in, receive a flattering/suggestive comment from an attractive coworker, get into it with a teammate for not having his portion of your presentation done, and have a first-thing meeting you forgot about for which you are now late. Each one of these events and/or people serves as an agent of cancellation; and, as a result, you are further away from achieving greatness. Every experience is a choice. And, while we have little control over the experience itself, we have total control of our response to it. We alone have the ability to negate the cancellation effects of other people and/or events. If we choose to give those things power over us, we lose that same amount of control over our abilities to overcome them.

It’s simple math. By cancelling the cancellation we create a double negative; and, as in mathematics, multiplying two negatives always results in a positive. The positive we create is an increased sense of control and power over our lives. I’m sure that’s a power we’d all enjoy having more of.


Have you ever been almost there, just about to reach your goal(s); and then, “something happens”? What blocked you? Do you feel like sometimes you’re in a maze and keep hitting the dead ends? It seems like it’s more work to almost get there than to not even get close at all. When you find yourself running into a maze of dead-ends, you’re having a problem with continuance. Take the time for some careful self-reflection. What’s stopping you from achieving the greatness you claim you want and you say God has ordained for you? More often than not we, ourselves, are the biggest road block to our personal success.

I know in my own failures (yes, I’ve had them), I had to acknowledge that the largest hurdle I had to jump was my own fear of success. Yes, we all fear success to some extent. I know you’re either shaking your head or saying, “No I’m not”; but, believe me, you are. Now, that doesn’t mean we don’t overcome that fear and achieve the success we desire. In fact, we become successful because of a larger fear: The Fear of Failure. Great people fear failure more than success. Overcoming our fear of success and ultimately experiencing it, places us in the mindset of achieving greatness.

There you have it. My looooong awaited post. I hope it was worth it. And I hope you found some inspirational nugget towards finding your path to Achieving Greatness!

That’s just my three cents…


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