Volume Two: Whatever Happened to Bass Music?

Posted on 02/26/2009


First, I’d like to thank all of you that read my first blog – especially those of you that wrote comments. They were appreciated, and I plan/hope to provide conistent commentary with each posting. With that being said, let’s get started with Volume Two…

Before I begin, I’d like to state my biases. (I believe in telling you things like my mother would say, “up front before it sticks out behind”.) I am from Florida. Raised, not born, but I moved there when I was four. I went to college in Florida (most of you know this already). AND, bass music was HUGE during my collegiate and formative years. Whew! I said it. That is the frame of reference, angle, point of view, etc. from which this note is written. If all that is okay with you, read on…

I was at the gym this morning listening to my Old Skool Rap playlist. As it was shuffling through, Luke’s “I Wanna Rock” came on and a wave of old, pleasant memories rained down upon me like singles at a strip club. I started thinking about booty shorts, Daisy Dukes, rattling trunks, airbrushed shirts and jeans, and hot as hell clubs with the walls sweating. After the moment of memories began to fade, I asked the question, “Whatever Happened to Bass Music?”

I mean, if you ask anyone that was around during that time (late 80’s, early-to-mid 90’s), responses to bass music ranged from an “appreciation” on the low end, to outright “addiction” on the high end. Even my friends from the north and mid-west realized its value at getting a party started. There is something magical about it because whenever it comes on, you want to “move sump’n” – or maybe, “shake what your mama gave ya”.

Regional music has its phases on top of the music world. New York, DC, Cali, Chicago, Atlanta – all have ruled the new music community at some point in time; but none of them have completely disappeared from the landscape. Is it because Luther Campbell, The Godfather of Bass, has stopped sampling old school rap and turning them into bass classics? Is it because we have all become too cute to dance until we sweat at a club? Or, are we afraid that if we “scrub da ground” that we may not be able to get back up?

As an adult and a parent, I have had to make many changes in my life. Some of those changes have included the types of music that I listen to at home and in the car. I have tried to educate my children on what the world was like when I was younger, with one notable exception: I haven’t played any bass music (clean versions, of course) for them AT ALL. In my own way, I have contributed to the demise of a music genre that I was raised on. I am a disgrace to the bass…

What’s wrong with poppin’ that p—y? What’s wrong with throwin’ that d? Isn’t face down and a– up the way that EVERYONE likes to f—? Have we become so conservative that we no longer wanna “shake that a–, b—h”, and let the world “see what we got”? I’m guessing from the number of omissions I needed to make that that answer may be yes. If that is the case, then let me be the first to say that I am saddened that we have cooled off so much that we can no longer “drop it like it’s hot”.

That’s just my three cents…


“Peep my vernacular, cuz I don’t know how to act…”

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