Volume Three: If I Were a Woman, This Would Piss Me Off!

Posted on 02/25/2009


Hello good people! I have decided to “step out on faith” and put my thoughts out there (or is it here?) in the world.  Blogs have become all the rage and I must admit that I felt very small as I set up this account. I mean, there are almost 200,000 bloggers on this site alone! Wow! So many people with so much to say… I started feeling my own narcissism in believing that people would actually want to read what I have to say. Nevertheless, the positive feedback I have received thus far has fueled me to this point, so I will press on…

As an aging man, I have noticed a disturbing trend out there in the world: Older men are dating younger and younger women. I know what you are thinking, “That isht ain’t new! Old dudes have been doing that for centuries.” Yes. This I know. However, what I’m talking about is the hypocrisy of saying you want someone that you can “connect with”, but then choosing the first PYT (think Michael Jackson) that crosses your path.

For example, this year’s Bachelor (I know, I know. Reality TV. Forgive me…) is a 41 year-old divorcee with a young child. Did they pick anyone remotely near his age as his pool of women? No. I believe the oldest was 34, and she was bounced so quickly I forgot she was on the show. One of the “women” in the final two is 24! He talks about their “connection”. What connection? She still doesn’t even know what she wants to do! He bounced all the “older” women faster than it took for water to get hot.

That brings me to my point (and my disturbance). There are plenty of beautiful, talented, and experienced women out there. Why in the hell are we choosing girls barely out of college as our potential mates when we are closer to thier father’s age than theirs (in some cases)? Ego? Low self-esteem? Discrimination? Stupidity? Dating a young woman doesn’t prove that you “still have it” (and what, by the way, is “it”). Dating a woman closer to your age shows you have the “it” that most older men should have: Sense.

I have to place some of the blame on younger men. If they could get their isht together, older guys (like me) wouldn’t even be given a second glance. Women like a man that’s stable, confident, modest, and moderately insightful. Show me a young man like that, and I’ll show you a man with no dates. That is boring in a young man, but attractive in an older one. My head is starting to hurt now. I’m breaking a personal rule by trying to apply logic to a situation that has none.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m tired of seeing hypocritical behavior by my bretheren. I’m tired of seeing attractive older women with plenty to offer, still single. Guys, our youth is gone. Let the past be the past. Stop trying to relive it by dating younger women. If you want to relive your youth, have some children. Wait a minute! That’ll really make you feel old…

That’s just my three cents…


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